Parents Subclass 103:

This is a normal parents visa which allow overseas citizens to live with their children permanently. Unfortunately, there is long delay on grant of this visa category due to visa capping.

Contributory Parents Visa subclass 143: 

This is also another type of permanent parent’s visa which allow overseas citizens to live their children in Australia. Processing time of this visa is faster than subclass 103.Second visa application fee for this subclass is higher as compare to other subclasses.

Aged Parents Visa subclass 804: 

This is also a permanent parents visa. To be eligible of this visa primary applicant must be Australian pension age at the time of application. Applicants must be in Australia at the time lodgement without No Further stay conditions. Applicants can stay in Australia until visa application get decided.

What professional service we offer to you:
  • Prepare your application in accordance with latest information as per Australia Migration Law (include act, regulation, policy advice manual and any other relevant legislation).
  • We will assess your application in detail.
  • We will send you detailed checklist to make your case strong.
  • Submit your file with Department of Home of Affair.
  • Follow up your application with Department of Home of Affair.
Requirements for this visa
  • Must meet family balance test
  • Your sponsor Child must be Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizen.
  • Australian sponsor must meet sponsorship requirement.
  • Must meet the health and character requirement.
  • Must be over 18 years.
Benefit of this visa
  • Allow you to live permanently in Australia.
  • Allow you full time work and study.
  • Allow you to get enrol in Australian Public health care system Medicare.
  • Allow you to apply Australian Citizenship.
  • You can include dependent children with your application.
  • You travel to and from Australia as many times as you want

For detailed information on eligibility criteria and cost of studying in Australia, please feel free to fill our Quick Contact Form. One of our experts will get back to you.

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